Cinema d’Essai

Mantua is the Italian Capital city of Culture of 2016, and in October it will host the Incontri del Cinema d’Essai (Meetings of Arthouse Cinema). Conferences, previews, trailers and award ceremonies starring the main operators of quality cinema: artists, journalists and professionals of the field will take part to the events giving their view on the various aspects concerning the Arthouse Cinema. The scheduled events that will characterize these days dedicated to the seventh art will take place among the Multisala Ariston, the Cinema del Carbone, the Teatro Bibiena and Palazzo Ducale.

There are great expectations, both for the number of films on the agenda, some of which have been awarded in the most important international and Italian festivals, and for the important guests who will take participate in the festival.

An event not to be missed, both for insiders and for those who love arthouse cinema and wants to stay updated with the sector news. Incontri del Cinema d’Essai is also an occasion for who wants to have a privileged insight on this niche industry.

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