Segni d’Infanzia

Segni d’Infanzia e OLTRE is the international art and theatre festival dedicated to children and youngsters from 18 months to 18 years old! The festival was born as the main activity of the association Segni d’Infanzia, and it has the objective of involving young people but also adults, families and those who love arts and theatres. The festival pursues this goal by organizing a wide range of multidisciplinary events starring international artists: workshops, performances, shows, art tours and much more.

The idea at the basis of this festival created in 2006, which is both the vision and the mission of the event, is the idea that it is possible to offer young people a kind of quality artistic entertainment. Not just a simple recreational activity, but also an opportunity to foster creativity and fantasy and give to children the fundamentals on which they can process and develop their own artistic universe.

Every year the festival chooses a symbolic animal that will be both the icon of the festival and the main theme around which subjects and contents will


Segni d’Infanzia e OLTRE occurs between the last week of October and the first week of November. An event which will meet the interest of young and adults for its contents, but also a form of entertainment of cultural value which represents an opportunity of growth in an educational yet entertaining context.

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