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Many museums and cultural sites are worth a visit in Mantua. Among them, the National Archeological Museum includes exhibits from the Mantuan territory. Palazzo Te preserves civic collections such as the Ugo Sissa one, a rare collection of Mesopotamian art and culture, and the Acerbi collection, which is an important series of Egyptian artefacts found by Mantuan Giuseppe Acerbi in the nineteenth century. The Gonzaga collection includes coins and measuring systems from the sixteenth century, whereas the Mondadori collection is constituted by modern art and paintings by Zandomeneghi and Spadini. The Torre dell’Orologio, the Clock Tower, and the Opera Museum, with access from the Palazzo della Ragione, preserve the original gears of the fifteenth-century astronomical-astrological clock by Bartolomeo Manfredi. The National Historical Museum of the Fire Brigade, unique in Italy in its kind, houses equipment from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The Casa della Beata Osanna Andreasi, the House of Blessed Osanna Andreasi, who is co-patron saint of Mantua, is a perfect example of a fifteenth century mansion. The Accademia Nazionale Virgiliana is an important cultural institution that hosts an archive and a library of international value and a peculiar collection of surgical instruments of the eighteenth century. The Madonna della Vittoria was formerly a church with remains of decoration made by Mantegna, but is currently an exhibition hall. The Galleria Arte and Arti, inside the Chamber of Commerce, houses an extensive collection of work belonging to the Chamber, whereas the Numismatic Museum and the Art Gallery of the Banca Agricola Mantovana Foundation preserve collections of ancient coins and medals of the Gonzaga family as well as paintings by twentieth-century artists of Mantua. The Gallery of Museum Valenti Gonzaga houses frescoes by Flemish painter Frans Geffels and lavish decorations by Giovan Battista Barberini. Lastly, the MASTeR, Mantova Ambiente Scienza Tecnologia e Ricerca (Mantuan Environment, Science, Technology and Research) represents an interesting interactive laboratory for educational purposes, experimentation, research and scientific animation.

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