The Bridal Chamber in Mantova

mantova mantegna       camera degli sposi oculo


Perfect destination to explore spiritual and artistic heritage of the city, iconic bridal chamber in Mantua castle of San Giorgio is a must for cultural and historic tourism. Our hotel's city center location near famous Camera Picta in Mantua creates perfect place to discover city's most valuable architectural and artistic object.


The Chamber of Mantova's Newlyweds is a room in the Castle of San Giorgio which is famous throughout the world for the series of frescoes by Andrea Mantegna. All the walls and vaults of the ceiling represent a celebration in the form of a visual story that mixes real elements and fiction about Gonzaga family, describing occasion of the appointment of Francesco Gonzaga as a Cardinal. Famous room also called “Camera degli sposi di Mantova” is a unique artistic object not only for spiritual discoveries and but also for memorable bridal events. Our hotel is a perfect base to discover the icon of local sightseeings - Camera Picta in Mantova.

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