Mantua for Love

Mantua generates emotions and amazement in who, today, is admiring its profile, unreal, suspended between the sky and the water, just like it has exited famous authors from every epoch, Virgilio, Dante, Shakespeare, Verdi, D’Annunzio….
Stories and legends of exciting love stories are weaved together in its alleys, streets, buildings and on the shores of its lakes, leaving their traces behind, real or imaginary, of their presence.
In the magical places of this city people loved a lot, love stories and passions in the magnificent Corte dei Gonzaga, Romeo’s love who was turned away from his Juliet and the love that lives trough the centuries, sealed in the last hug of Valdaro’s Lovers.
Today, Mantova proposes itself as the most romantic city in the world, where is possible falling in love and swearing eternal love.

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