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Since its foundation, Mantua has had a very close relationship with water, which constitutes its core identity. Over the centuries, water represented a means of military defense, a vital element for the economy of the city as the area’s main trade route, but also a danger to citizens due to frequent floods. Even today, the city is closely tied to its lakes and public parks that stretch along their banks.

The lakes offer a special opportunity for visitors to discover the landscape of the territory and its aquatic environment through guided excursions on boat and motor vessel. By heading north, through Lago Superiore, you can reach Belfiore and the Grazie and Rivalta villages. By heading south, through Lago di Mezzo and Inferiore toward the Po River, you can reach the valley of Governolo, and then on to Ferrara and Venice.

There is a large selection of tourist excursions and routes with expert guides offered by local shipping companies, especially during full moon. Some boats allow visitors to load their bikes on board, and also offer restaurant services so that you can taste typical dishes of the traditional cuisine while enjoying this magical scenery.

Do not miss excursions on Lago Superiore in July and August, when you can witness the blossoming of the lotus flower, imported from the East by naturalist Anna Maria Pellegreffi in 1921 and now considered one of the most beautiful symbols of the city.



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